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What Is Cloud Testing? Saas Testing Tutorial

When performing cloud testing, make sure to choose the most suitable method for your software needs. Hidden costs Provisioning of various compute, memory, GPU resources may be automatic — that’s one of the advantages of using cloud; it’s scalable. However, you should be clear about the implications of exceeding your assigned ‘quota’ of cloud resources. However, Ace Cloud Hosting provides OpenStack-based cloud architecture which is interoperable with other public clouds. There are several advantages of testing on the cloud compared to traditional testing paradigm and methodologies. Smoke testing can benefit from cloud testing paradigm by utilizing’s cloud’s anytime and anywhere capability.

types of cloud testing are there

Software or applications need to work consistently across a wide gamut of devices including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Functional testing is about making sure that things are working as expected and as desired. It is testing for little things like whether the log in function is working perfectly or not and other functional aspects of the application. For example, cloud-based testing enables easy collaboration among distant team members for quicker test cycles — whether social distancing is a factor or not.

Performance Testing

Late delivery or software defects can damage a brand’s reputation — leading to frustrated and lost customers. In extreme cases, a bug or defect can degrade interconnected systems or cause serious malfunctions. Doing test activities earlier in the cycle helps keep the testing effort at the forefront rather than as an afterthought to development. Earlier software tests also mean that defects are less expensive to resolve. Just as important, exploratory testing helps a tester or testing team uncover hard-to-predict scenarios and situations that can lead to software errors.

This kind of parallel testing saves testing time and is a good fit for agile development methodologies as well as CI -based workflows. Customized Test Facility – Customized or optimized test environments on the cloud When you hire cloud testing resources, you get testing environments that are properly optimized with the right hardware-software configuration always in place. Performance and load testing becomes possible in numerous combinations and permutations of scenarios.

Software testing is the process of evaluating and verifying that a software product or application does what it is supposed to do. The benefits of testing include preventing bugs, reducing development costs and improving performance. When experience QA professionals spearhead your cloud testing project, you can gain significant advantages with cost reductions and time savings.

Benefits Of Paas

A tester may only have a small window to test the code – sometimes just before the application goes to market. It is not uncommon to release software on time, but with bugs and fixes needed. Even a simple application can be subject to a large number and variety of tests. A test management plan helps to prioritize which types of testing provide the most value – given available time and resources.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

  • It is testing for little things like whether the log in function is working perfectly or not and other functional aspects of the application.
  • Cloud software testing is egregiously well-suited for performance testing because you can hire the necessary cloud infrastructure for performing the tests without making huge capital expenditures.
  • Speed – Improved testing speed/parallel testing You can test on more operating systems across more platforms and devices in less time when you are using cloud testing resources.
  • This effectively reduces cost and time by simulating thousands of geographically targeted users.
  • Finally, if you want to best your competition then you should adopt cloud testing in your organization.

Today, just about any personal or employee productivity application is available as SaaS; specific use cases are too numerous to mention . If an end user or organization can find a SaaS solution with the required functionality, in most cases it will provide a significantly simpler, more scalable and more cost-effective alternative to on-premises software. Today, anyone who uses a or mobile phone almost certainly uses some form of SaaS. Email, social media, and cloud file storage solutions are examples of SaaS applications people use every day in their personal lives. Popular business or enterprise SaaS solutions include Salesforce , HubSpot , Trello , Slack , and Canva .

Application Development And Maintenance

Cloud provider give a short notice period of (1-2 weeks) to the existing customers about upgrades. This is a big problem when manually validating the changes to your SaaS application. Flexi licensing, higher discounting models Cloud Application Security Testing through vendor alliance partnerships help make it a cost-effective offering for our clients. Tharini Sivaraj is an ISTQB Certified Foundation Level QA. She is desirous of giving high-quality products to the end-users.

The main benefit of SaaS is that it offloads all infrastructure and application management to the SaaS vendor. All the user has to do is create an account, pay the fee and start using the application. The vendor handles everything else, from maintaining the server hardware and software to managing user access and security, storing and managing data, implementing upgrades and patches and more. Lower latency, improved performance.Because IaaS providers typically operate data centers in multiple geographies, IaaS customers can locate apps and services closer to users to minimize latency and maximize performance. With 20+ years of expertise in building cloud-native services and security solutions, Nolan Foster spearheads Public Cloud and Managed Security Services at Ace Cloud Hosting. He is well versed in the dynamic trends of cloud computing and cybersecurity.

types of cloud testing are there

They can run tests much earlier in the cycle to discover defects sooner, when they are easier to fix. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of cloud-based testing and integration. These capabilities can be useful in your organization regardless of size, industry, or complexity. Moreover, the Cloud provides many advantages, including parallel collaboration and a streamlined operating model. Read on to learn how to leverage the advantages of Cloud-based testing and integration.

Typically, the vendor ensures a level of availability, performance and security as part of a service level agreement . Customers can add more users and data storage on demand at additional cost. Debugging was the main testing method at the time and remained so for the next two decades. By the 1980s, development teams looked beyond isolating and fixing software bugs to testing applications in real-world settings. It set the stage for a broader view of testing, which encompassed a quality assurance process that was part of the software development life cycle. For testing non-internet applications, virtual instances of testing environment can be quickly set up to do automated testing of the application.

Compatibility & Interoperability Testing

Load testing of an application involves creation of heavy user traffic, and measuring its response. There is also a need to tune the performance of any application to meet certain standards. Smishad has completed his Masters in English Literature along with a degree in Corporate Communication.

When you choose cloud resources, you pay for whatever resources you use for cloud testing on a pay-as-you-go basis thus saving on capital expenditure as well as on maintenance and upgrade expenses too. When compatibility testing is performed using cloud resources such as virtualization, software and apps can be tested across a broader spectrum — in terms of hardware, OS, and browsers. Compatibility testing checks software and applications precisely to see their behavior on diverse hardware/operating systems as well as different browsers. Software testing in the traditional software company set-up involves travelling down a well-worn path since the types of testing and the reasons for performing them are all proven and well-established. When it comes to these types of software testing, we elaborate on a few below.

Moreover, ensuring high quality service delivery and avoiding outages requires testing in one’s datacenter, outside the data-center, or both. If we had to define it, cloud testing is a type of software testing where cloud-based environments are simulated to mimic real-world conditions from different geographical regions. This has become possible due to the evolution of virtualization in cloud computing.

This in turn increases total cost of ownership and at the same time adversely impacts customer loyalty and sales conversions. To accelerate time-to-market, organizations need holistic testing solutions that cater to various cloud transformation journeys. With a high-level of security on-site, at data centers, and via encryption, organizations can often take advantage of more advanced security and protection they could provide if they hosted the cloud infrastructure in-house. How does the cloud service provider charge you when you consume more resources in the midst of a billing cycle?

types of cloud testing are there

The common benefits that cloud offers such as scalability and pay-as-you-go can be harnessed by opting for cloud testing. Apart from these, there are testing-specific benefits pertaining to cloud testing. As to software cloud testing, if a software test can be conducted on-premises, it can also be conducted using cloud resources or on the cloud — occasionally, in a much more efficient manner. Any cloud application will have to go through the following tests as part of the functional requirements. The offering leverages Infosys IPs, open source technologies, accelerators and marketplace solutions to uncover anomalies and give complete coverage in the testing life cycle to fast-track quality delivery.

How Can Cloud Testing Bring Digital Transformation?

It enables you to assess whether your software is compatible or not across various gadgets and systems. Ace Cloud Hosting is solely responsible for the provision of all services on this website. Along with having other security measures available on demand including cloud firewalls and cloud Security Information and Even Management /Endpoint Detection and Response . It’s the software version of testing aircraft wings by stretching them — in both upward and downward directions — beyond their operational limits — be it an Airbus A350 wing or a Boeing 787 Dreamliner wing. For example, you don’t want to take chances when choosing a launch vehicle for sending a $10 billion payload a million miles into space or sending a rover to Mars or sending a mission to the ‘new frontier’ of Pluto and Charon.

SLA fine print You need to go through the Service Level Agreement with a fine-toothed comb so that everything mentioned in it is crystal clear as to who bears responsibility about what. Things such as data backup assurances and uptime guarantees pertaining to different aspects of the cloud services should be mentioned clearly in the SLA. The advantages of taking software testing to the cloud may have been particularly obvious during the days of the Covid pandemic. While that pandemic may be a small dot in the rear-view mirror now, cloud software testing isn’t going anywhere. To check the quality of a cloud-based application across different clouds this type of testing is performed.

Business Process Management

So, you have one less thing to worry about as you focus on the actual testing. The benefits of cloud testing — or cloud-based testing — are numerous — not the least of which is the scalability offered thanks to the on-demand service model of the public cloud. Multiple tests in parallel become possible as you are no longer faced with infrastructure constraints. IBM has a broad menu of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings to meet your company’s needs up and down the stack. IBM’s rich and scalable PaaS solutions help organizations develop cloud native applications from scratch, or modernize existing applications to benefit from the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. IBM also offers a full IaaS layer of virtualized compute, network, and storage within our full-stack cloud platform, and more than 150 SaaS business applications to help you innovate.

PaaS, or platform as a service, is on-demand access to a complete, ready-to-use, cloud-hosted platform for developing, running, maintaining and managing applications. But, cloud testing makes this process possible in a cost-effective manner. 56% of organizations said that they utilize cloud-based technology to do performance testing. Finally, if you want to best your competition then you should adopt cloud testing in your organization. Ace Public Cloud can help you take advantage of all that cloud computing and cloud testing offers.


The initial setup cost for migrating testing to cloud is very high as it involves modifying some of the test cases to suit cloud environment. Therefore, cloud testing is not necessarily the best solution to all testing problems. Cloud-based testing allows you to reduce your costs and improves your time to market.

Is used for various mobile and web applications, and it is used to simulate various testing scenarios in a cost-effective way. But in some cases, any of the three ‘as-a-service’ models will offer a viable solution. In these cases, organizations typically compare the alternatives based on the management ease they offer, vs. the control they give up. Continuous testing In this essential guide, learn how integrated continuous testing accelerates application development. IBM Rational ClearCase provides controlled access to software assets, including code, requirements, design documents, models, test plans and test results. IBM Rational Performance Tester helps software testing teams test earlier and more frequently as part of a DevOps approach.

Testing effectiveness is optimized by running the fewest number of tests to find the largest number of defects. Something that is properly tested has a greater likelihood of being ultimately a fabulous product or project. Compliance Issues In certain scenarios, you may need to comply with some regulatory requirements such as HIPAA or GDPR. The cloud service provider has to comply with those standards and regulations before you can take your business to that cloud service provider. Security and privacy issues Security of data residing on the cloud may be an issue if the cloud service provider does not adhere to security best practices such as having DDoS protection or providing anti-ransomware protection by default. Such performance testing enables organizations to determine the baseline performance characteristics of their software and applications including loading time, server response time, breaking points, etc.

In general, software development companies have to be as delicate as ballet dancers and as swift as the world’s fastest athlete — one Usain Bolt — if they want to grow and thrive against the competition. Cloud testing is utilized to measure the latency between the action and the corresponding response for any application after deploying it on cloud. Containerized auto-scaling test tool platform for on-demand distributed load simulation. All the above aspects help organizations achieve ~35% cycle time reduction, 70% increase in productivity & zero critical defects in production. Is used to detect misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, missing patches, malware, viruses, and backdoors.

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